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Disclaimer: This glossary attempts to convey my personal understanding in the form of study notes; for the time being as a motivating effort to develop it further.


Vigyan' Bhairv' Tantra (VBT)

Vigyana Bhairava Tantra is popular due to the publicized profound methods which are being found in the Yuktis[1] (techniques).

Existing publications differ in quality and relation to the tradition. VBT may not be classified from the perspective Yoga but as Tantra, because the Dhyana (female-intrinsic, contemplations) are revealed by Bhairava (Dharan Shakti, refer to Matrikas).

Vigyana means pragmatic result oriented action that leads to inner empirical experiences or in broad term, the metaphysical element inherent in us.

Source: Siddha Pedia

Malas (Tantric Psychology)


Matrikas are “Little Mothers”, Shakt’ of the Great Mother and the female virtues.

There are many ShaktaTantra practices (refer to VBT), which aim to instill effective forms of Vidya to receive Gnosis (contemplative knowledge of awareness).


bodha and moksha

  1. Table of Yuktis (VBT) ↩︎